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Summer 2015
Avoid tax evasion
Its your mistakes that count
Tax on living expenses
Download your bank statements
Beware a sudden surge of income from currency fluctuations
Don't be timid - negotiate with the bank
Visitor's book worth shouting about
Avoid miscommunications
Briefly - First day is last day
             Feedback responses
             Legal discrimination
Google that flight
Be different to get noticed
Tax Calendar
Specialise for success

Spring 2015
Dress for the perception of success
Tax on lump sum payments
Surprise for property developer
NZ super leads to over-taxing
Tax briefs
Pointers for quoting
Changes to homestart
Briefly - Calculating Kiwisaver
             Fishing "goods"
             What will they lose?
             Asking for referrals
             Ultra fast broadband
Tech Update - Check router for data blowout problems
Shareholders' agreements
Network for new business
Tax Calendar

Winter 2015
Good systems breed success
Watch out for phishing expeditions
Better writing
Take notes as evidence
Catch out staff, for the better
Splitting a couple's income
Useful website
Don't be mean with a guarantee
Bank charges are down
Briefly - Are you using the correct PAYE tables?
             UOMI rates up
             New car and FBT
             Investment income
Tech Update - The power and risk of social media
NZ in tax swap info deal with United States
Read important documents
Employment contracts
Tax Calender

Autumn 2015
Annual accounts planning pays off
Get in first with terms to avoid embarrassment
When your home is in a trust
Reverse print noticeably harder to read
Plan to make business bigger, better
Staff sacking requires cool head
Spit it out
Tech Update - Beware online defamation
Working for Families
First home buyers
Tax Calendar
Could your domain name be nicked?

Summer 2014
Be different, be better
Chocolates prove to be the right sweetener
Take care when setting remuneration
Taking stock for your own use
Tax law never sleeps
A couple of IRD don'ts
Keep the survey simple
A contract is a contract - no ifs or buts
Who is your important customer?
Briefly - Statutory records
             NZ business number
             Bank email scams
Tax Calendar
Tech Update - Seven tips for email senders
The 80/20
Delay that email and save embarrassment
Flying across the Tasman

Spring 2014
If you can measure it, you can manage it
IRD and 'your cheque is in the mail'
IRD up in arms about 'donations'
Rules for accounts change
Tax conference outlines IRD thinking
Keeping hard-earned wealth a challenge
Briefly - Beware complaints
             Mileage unchanged
             Claiming for partner
             Perception is reality
Tax Calendar
Tech Update - Use email signature as a marketing tool
Manage your time on the internet
No will? Make one now

Winter 2014
  Trustees must be aware of fishhooks
  Make sure you get proper tax invoices
  Get personal-business loan arrangements right
  Take care with bank discussions
  Under-promise, over-deliver for good referrals
  Que? This time the waiter delighted the customers
  When missing out creates opportunities
  Banks are cashing in on PIE investments
  Chronically short of time?
  Briefly - ACC classification
              Tax rebates
               Facebook for staff
  Tax Calendar
  Tech update - Say goodbye to expensive toll and cellphone calls
  Improve your ads for better results

Autumn 2014
Can't pay Tax? Options are available
  Plan now for year-end tax
  Five marketing mistakes within an hour
  Tough in retailing
  Unclaimed money
  Turn a complainer into a powerful advocate
  Briefly - Expensive ACC
               Staff business cards
               Conditional contracts
  Tax Calendar
  Tech update - CryptoLocker a nasty one
   Big bill for little error
   When a customer is in a buying mood, keep selling

Summer 2013
   It's all about tax
   The value of a well-known brand
   Look carefully before you leap
   Stick to the rules for bad debt claims
   Beware 15 January
   Romalpa clause redundant
   Volume does not equal profit
   Biff out the bad ones for better business
   Clever steward service means first class for everyone
   Being a trustee is a risky business
   Tech update - dropbox makes it simple
   Tax Calendar
   Customer or the bank?
   Shareholders' and partners' agreements

Spring 2013
  Five steps to 'engaging website visitors
  The roofer impresses with after-sales service
  Churchill quotes good for business
  Replacement insurance - it's up to you
  Do you rent your holiday home?
  Aim for triple-A in your business
  Building up motel income
  The man who asked
  Briefly - Smile
               Google that number
               Minding the children
               Safety reminder
               Save interest and penalties
               Good ideas
               A thought
  Tax Calendar
  Business cards stored with app
  Keep GST file open at IRD
  Another invoicing scam

Winter 2013   
   If it looks and smells dishonest, it probably is
   Don't be tempted to help yourself to the money
   Are you in quadrant 2?
   Loyalty cards - don't follow the pack
   Non taxable allowances
   Buying a business - warranties and tax
   Briefly - Reduce FBT liability for car while away
                Websites not an alternative to selling
                Children's wages
   Buying and selling foreign currency
   Tax Calendar
   1,2,3,4 - we take our numbers for granted
   Sticking to the plan is the hard part
   Generation repeat business

Autumn 2013   
   Start-ups in tough times can be achieved
   Build business with a database
   Take a break and let ideas flow
   PIEs and PIR
   Are you charging market rates?
   Write well and hook your reader
   Employee or contractor - take care
   Briefly - Travel between home and work
                Tax and life insurance
   Do the repairs first
   Using social media for business
   Tax Calendar
   Dare to be different
   Traps with multi-function office equipment

Summer 2012
   Clearly defined terms of trade save arguments
   Build on relationships with regular information
   Baches come under scrutiny of IRD watchdogs
   Set SMART goals
   Eight sure ways of wrecking a business
   Briefly - Disappearing inheritance
                New charges
                Save tax penlaties and interest
                Interest deductibility when business ceases 
   Tax Calendar
   Think before signing up for ad promotions
   Origin of writing
   When to mend the roof
   Capital gains tax is alive and well
   HR Executive Solutions

Spring 2012
   Keep an eye on tax payments from your bank
   Treat your shop window as marketing
   Declaring dividends for foreign investments
   Never assume your ACC bills are correct
   Accountant's Tip - Avoid making loans between
   Family trusts still the safest option   
   Briefly - Gifts of wine and food
                Kiwisaver account
                Tax refunds  
   Give-away reminders  
   Tax Calendar   
   Instant karma will get you on social media  
   No time for sour grapes with failed contract bids   
   Letterhead syndrome  
   How to win a quote and get a good price  
   It's the little extras that count

Winter 2012
   New legal test for justified dismissal of employees
   Don't get done with vehicle finance
   Keep your expensive car and save FBT
   Reminder about PIE benefits & ripoffs
   Rude staff - who's to blame?
   Several factors determine the worth of a business
   Tax calendar
   Advertising is not the only way
   Make a will and save others extra grief
   Learn how to think
   Did you know...?
Autumn 2012
   Time to get financial records in order
   No-shows should be no goes
   Take care of your bank account
   LTCs, wages and cars
   Don't get caught with capital gains tax
   Letters to the editor
   Tax laws tricky for work in Australia
   How to negotiate - and get nowhere
   The UOMI monster
   Tax Calendar
   Accounts chaos - paying bills with wrong chequebook
   Brief plans often the best
   Database a valuable asset

Summer 2011
   Networking saves the business
   Tax avoidance is legal, but a no-no
   Selling your business?
   Promote the real 'benefits' of your business
   Is gold taxable?
   Overseas super
   A Worthy investment
   Discounts come out of your pocket
   Get into the right gear for the conditions
   Phone etiquette a key to business success
   Convert walk-ins into sales
   Keep the till tapes
   Tax Calendar

Spring 2011
   Pause before you rush to gift
   Don't click, it's another scammers' trick
   Discount rates for early payment
   Treat your family trust with respect
   A good case for buying locally
   Tax-free allowances
   Child support rules to change
   Flowers reveal missed opportunity
   KiwiSaver and Kiwi kids
   Determined to die?
   Smart ideas with smart phones
   Tax Calendar
   Fill in "To" last for emails
   Take care when selecting Prescribed Investor Rate
   Finding out what customers want
   Deposits and GST - some guidelines

Winter 2011
   Low cost not necessarily value
   Dear customer: We love you!
   Chocolates and coffee
   Do you have your head in the clouds?
   Where are your business cards?
   Backing up data essential
   Knowing financial position is the key
   Accountant's Tip 
   Money loves speed
   Guaranteed good for business
   Name irrelevant when offer gets sandwiched
   Use a credit card to pay tax?
   Fixing a staff problem
   ACC offers a discount
   Tax Calendar

Autumn 2011
   New GST rules from April - how this will affect you
   Check those invoices for advertising
   An income tax trap for property owners
   Horrible old man laid to rest aged 125
   Keep a record of efforts to recover bad debts
   Spreading ACC payments
   Accountants Tip
   Working for Families loopholes closing
   Getting to the top
   Disputes Tribunal a useful tool for debt recovery
   Keep your feet firmly in just the one boat
   Tax Calendar
   Maximise results with a good phone script
   Different market - different prices      

 Summer 2010
   Bye-bye to LAQCs - It's been good to know you
   Income worldwide must be declared
   The GST fraction
   What cooks at the cooking school?
   Your database is a goldmine
   Accountant's Tip - Don't crisscross entities
   Lotto loot dispute over family trust
   Marketing an investment, not a quick fix
   KiwiSaver 10% rate dumped
   Tax Calendar
   New and innovative ways to promote sales
   How to stay in business
   Spreading ACC payments
   Getting the writing right         

 Spring 2010
   GST changeover: get it right
   Cash flow Problems?
   Selling property you have purchased "off the plan"
   Progress payments and GST
   Annual account slow coaches might miss out
   Bank charge anomaly
   KiwiSaver to be 10%
   Telephone answering rates a 1!
   Making life easier Accountant's
   How not to impress customers with discounts
   Make money with organised follow-up?
   Tax Calendar
   Review your insurances
   Do you 'own' - not just rent - your customers?
   You can negotiate with your bank
   In Brief
     Do you deduct PAYE?
     Claiming carbon credits
     Price increases
     Beating competitors for scarce staff

  Winter 2010
   Implications for businesses as GST rate rise looms
   Advertising? Create FUD
   Leasing Premises - part two
   Presuading people to invest
   Are you using 2011 tax tables for PAYE
   Don't let neighbours tap your network
   Reduce dependence on a few customers
   Tax calendar
   Trade Me traders and hobby collectors
   Print advertising checklist
   Annual accounts and your bank
   In Brief
     Another example of WOW!
     You don't need to complete the IR886

 Autumn 2010
  Get ready now for year end
  Leasing premises
  IRD no longer issuing tax tables
  Long term care hits 7% at 65
  30% of payments to IRD are botched
  In brief
      Payroll giving
      Attracting attention
  Early payment discount for new businesses
  Tax calendar
  Systems - too important to ignore in business
  Good business
  Vehicle sign writing that worked

Summer 2009
  False economy in do-it-yourself
  Proposal allows Aussie super fund transfers
  Barter value worth pondering
  Learn form others to improve your business
  Blind copy helps when changing email address
  In brief
      Earning less than $40,000?
      Cheap rental for family
      Bills from ACC
      Pay from business account
  Coupon value not cut and dried
  Don't blame people - fix the system
  Record important discussions
  Bank Charges
  Allow time for feedback
  Consultants - use engagement letters to state terms
  Constitution for your company worth considering
  Company vehicle, private use and FBT
  Don't make your messages lose sales
  Tax Calendar

 Spring 2009
  Cash is king in tough times
  Taxpayer the loser in UOMI changes
  Trust deed issues clarified
  In brief
      Give staff a say
      Redundancy rebate
      Contracting in Australia
      Letter of apology
      Student Loans - 10% bonus
  Plan your advertising for best results
  Your CV is a selling document
  The importance of slogans
  Increase your database
  Use the right Prescribed Investor Rate
  Surplus cash - loan repayment generally wise
  Improve business letters
  How to get your report read
  The handy marketing tool called "PS'

Winter 2009
  New tax thresholds introduced
  Name it right and reap rewards
  Directorship a serious matter
  In brief     
     Reducing retention time
     Hotels and motels
     Personalose correspondence
  Don't let one customer dominate your business
  Getting advice
  Be kind to your customers and they'll love you for it
  Deposit dangers
  Quick quotes good for business
  Pocket no place for business cards
  Tax calendar
  Clever use of a loyalty card
  Reduce risk with family trusts

Autumn 2009
  More sales from your existing customers
  Controlling your debtors
  Manage the office work load
  When taxes let the rich get richer
  How's 2009 shaping up
  Help us to help you with annual accounts
  Can't pay tax on time?
  We can't do it before Christmas
  Traps in overseas bank accounts
  Tax Calandar
  A time to disagree with your customer
  Independent Earner Rebate
  In brief
  Keep your bank on side
  A live wire electrician
  A cash economy
  Look for the WOW! opportunities

November 2008    
  When the sun is shining, mend the roof
  A premium for good service
  In Brief  
    Currency falling
    A Merry Christmas but...
    Using the vehicle privately
  Your telephone can be your keeper  
  Quote from former General Motors CEO Lee Iacocca  
  House deposits offer some protection  
  Reduce the risk of a nasty surprise
  Photos show it as it is
  Eye-catching icons
  Tax calendar
  Directors must authorise payments  
  A word about judgement
  PAYE deductions sacrosanct
  Look after your suppliers

August 2008
  That terrible,technical 'R' word
  Are you really in business?
  Putting your prices up
  The follow-up phone call
  Emergency call-outs
  Being a trustee brings responsibilty
  Changing your PIE tax rate
  Writing well
  Never say die when it comes to sales
  More on pricing
  Make your customers feel good
  Don't throw away sales
  Playing safe in difficult times
  Tax calendar

May/June 2008
  Are storm clouds on the horizon?
  Low gear preferred for economice speed bumps
  Deposit can help cash flow
  Government proposes to reduce compliance costs
  Ensure you sign your GST return
  Stress relief for the work-at-home consultant
  Learn the art of saying 'no'
  In brief
    Check your Kiwisaver statements
    Contribution rate
    First home buyers
    Contracter employee
  Source deduction payment means FBT as an employee
  Monitor those Yellow Pages ads
  Tax calendar
  An opportunity to be a specialist?
  Visitor's book
  A plumber gets caught out - no card, no business

February 2008
  Are you making real profit?
  Internet advantages
  Taking money out of a family trust
  Tax traps - tax refunds
  Business branding
  Faster, cheaper by fax
  Now is the time to plan for a profitable year
  It pays to be generous
  In brief
    Wake-up water
    I'm so busy
    Denny's checklist
  Read the customers
  New company tax rates
  Tax calendar
  Don't waste words
  Email benefits
  Keep beneficiaries informed

Summer 2007
  The GST ratio
  Different powers of attorney
  Tax rates for PIEs
  Pay out dividends
  Business cards
  Foreign company shareholdings of less than 10%
  Do you want to be a trustee?
  In brief
    Filing GST returns
    Unclaimed tax refunds
    Four weeks holidays
    Log book reminder
  Borrowing money for your business
  Car FBT calculation
  Tax calendar
  New insolvency law
  Unsolicited electronic messages (spam)

August 2007
  Kiwisaver for business owners
  Some risks associated with scheme
  Three markets - by price
  Administration - new employees
  Kiwisaver and first home
  Databases make money
  Keep copies of GST returns
  Paying off the mortgage
  Choose your trustees
  Ring-fencing rental property
  Airpoints and taxation
  Is it worth joining for business owners?
  KS and working more than one job
  Tax calendar
  How to join KS
  Kiwisaver suppliers - the list
  Better minutes

May/June 2007
  It is time to talk tax
  Setting your selling price
  Assignment of income
  World's biggest eclair
  How to pay less FBT
  Don't stint on bank fees
  In brief
    Paid parental leave
    Flu vaccination
  Do bad debts go with good business?
  Keep your retailer fully stocked
  International reporting standards
  Chocolates and champagne
  Shall I lease or buy the car?
  Tax calendar

February 2007
  Move methodically into the fast lane
  Novel Christmas greetings
  Becoming a Kiwisaver
  Do you own overseas shares?
  Nine digit IRD numbers are coming
  Tax tips & traps
  Come back tomorrow
  Aligning GST and provisional tax
  In brief
    He wrote it down
    Delight the customer
  More holidays
  Tax calendar
  Make loyalty cards work for you
  Your financial year end is coming

October 2006
  Some customers are from hell
  Can I claim this for GST?
  Use stories
  Kiwisaver all go from 1 July 2007
  Accounts receivble = sundry debtors
  Tax calendar
  Beware UOMI
  Overseas chip tip
  A guarentee to delight
  In brief
    Play safe on the internet
    Ask for references
    Add to your AA test
  She left it too late
  Is an ex demo car a good buy?
  Your business can run better without you
  They did it their way
  The most expensive

August 2006
  Capital Gains Tax on shares affects all savers
  Working for families
  IRD and ATO swap info
  Finding the cheapest broadband
  Should be shot
  In brief
    Welcome, welcome
    FBT and motor vehicles
    CoverPlus Extra
    Unique dining?
  Tax traps - Negotiating with IRD
  Tax calendar
  Accounting for family trusts
  Thank you for complaining
  Tax holiday for returning Kiwis and others

May/June 2006
  Bird flu and your business
  Starting in business?
  Meet the market
  Use a sorting board
  Selling your business - what do buyers want?
  Tax traps - Entertaining thoughts
  Bank statements
  A moving experience
  In brief
    IRD's extensive tentacles
    Adjusting your payments
    ...and beside your bed
  Is your website up-to-date?
  Turn unhappy customers into advocates for your business
  Tax calendar
  Tax news

February 2006
  Interest-free student loans
  Check before you get to annual accounts
  Tax traps - Do it yourself?
  New business? 10% risk free!
  Rental properties
  Wendy wants greater wealth
  On the job market research
  In brief
    Getting your bill paid
    How to sell firewood
    Are you doing anything about it?
    Looking beautiful
  How to boost consultants' incomes
  Shareholder agreements
  Setting your goals for 2006-2007
  Invest wisely
  Tax calendar

August 2005
  Investing in publicly listed companies
  Credit in new Consumer Act
  Why a trust?
  He just did it!
  Assignment of income
  In brief
    Attention doctors, dentists, health professionals
    How to delight a customer
  87 ways to save
  Adding 20% to bottom line
  Wendy in Wonderland
  Depreciaton clawback
  Make guarantees worthwhile
  Tax calendar

May/June 2005
  Why don't you take the risk?
  New businesses to get early payment discount
  How to lose customers
  Finding a niche
  Wendy in Wonderland
  Why compete on price?
  Keep your personal bank records
  Tax traps - Losing interest deductibility
  In brief
    Receiving journals through interenet
    Referral card
  Stop and ask
  Company savings accounts
  Signing cheques
  IRD cheques - there's a sting in the tale
  What is a work-related vehicle?
  Why trust a trust?
  Tax calendar
  Beware of business life cycles
  Paid parental leave
  It's being different that counts

February 2005
  Business planning basics
  More money for your business
  Pity the Romans
  Qoute from The Emyth Revisited
  Tax traps - Commercial reality
  Rental property expenses
  In brief
    Having difficulty finding good staff?
    Health and busniess
  Your annual accounts
  Wendy in Wonderland
  Tax calendar
  Business cards
  Making better decisions
  It's how you ask that counts!
  Selling your business?
  'Free' listing?

October 2004
  Blueprint for small business
  Wendy in Wonderland
  The more you tell, the mor you sell
  Dentist's wisdom
  Time's up!
  Tax traps - Are you paying yourself enough?
  Golly what a price!
  A reminder about work vehicles
  Speak naturally when advertising
  Some ideas for short-term borrowing
  Tax calendar
  Relationships Bill
  Going the extra smile

August 2004
  Don't be too quick to sign your lease
  How to improve your cash flow - Part 1
  Covey's second group of three habits
  Estate duty by stealth?
  Offer they can't refuse
  Failed advertising
  In brief
    Involve all trustees
    More on Holidays Act
    Outstanding Bills
  Wendy in Wonderland
  Bad experience - delighted customer
  Beware the tax inspectors club
  Tax calendar
  Want a big income?
  Use positive language

May/June 2004
  The Holidays Act 2003
  Is your will what you really want?
  The emotional bank account
  A rough idea is better than none
  Tax traps - Books giving tax advice
  Why is our questionnaire so important?
  The cheapest fare might not be the best
  Using the internet to pay your taxes
  Marketing wooden spoon to pharmaceutical company
  Tax calendar
  Networking - learn to stimulate conversation
  It's the thinking that counts

March 2004
  Seven habits for success
  It's a goal!
  FBT rates to fall
  In brief
    Shopping big time
    Employment contracts
    A cold beer wins a loyal customer
  Tax traps - When did you last keep a log book?
  Which business are you in?
  Tax calendar
  Getting good tips off the
  Beware the 31st of March
  Your annual accounts

October 2003
  Making money from Moving Annual Totals
  Be unique in what you offer your clients
  Joe Gerard-the super car salesman 
  Handling the slow payer's cheque
  Dining at Winnie's Place
  Create urgency when you advertise
  Pareto again
  Tax traps - 63-day rule
  How to write a headline that sells
  In brief
    Don't create a fog
    Lotto tickets
    Cutting phone costs
  Tax calendar
  Making appointments
  Is this a bubble I see?
  Your home and family trust

August 2003
  What is tax pooling
  Tax evasion and avoidance
  How long should you keep records?
  Childcare rebate
  Company shareholder rights
  Looking after your staff
  In brief
    Avoid GST registration
    Building your business?
    Buying a house
  Tax traps - Extra on ACC, Cover Plaus Extra BUT....
  Tax calendar
  Staff profile

May/June 2003
  How gross can your gross profit be?
  Tax traps - Car parks
  Getting the best out of staff
  Follow-up is important
  Differential pricing
  The power of priorities
  In brief
    Boosting sales
    Loyalty cards
    Unwritten contracts
  Keep good records - the onus is on you
  Three common mistakes
  Company annual return
  Tax calendar
  Staff profile

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